Hampus Lindwall is a musical artist active in many fields ranging from contemporary music to experimental and electronic sound / music. He has released many albums, as a soloist and in collaborations. Hampus Lindwall is the organist in Saint-Esprit, Paris, and professor of improvisation at IMEP, Namur in Belgium.

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Born (1976) in Stockholm, Hampus Lindwall grew up playing the electric guitar in various rock, metal & jazz fusion bands. He started playing keyboards in his late teens and studied the organ at the Royal College of Music in Stockholm with Torvald Torén and Anders Bondeman. Under the influence of Rolande Falcinelli he moved to Paris in 2002 and studied at the Conservatoire de Saint-Maur-des-Fossés and the Conservatoire National Supérieur de Musique in Lyon, with Éric Lebrun, Pierre Pincemaille and Loïc Mallié. He won the 1st prizes in the International improvisation competitions “Orgel ohne Grenzen, Air Art 2003″ in Saarbrücken, Germany, and the “Prix Boëllmann-Gigout”, 2004 in Strasbourg, France.
He is the last disciple of Rolande Falcinelli and the Titular Organist in Saint-Esprit, Paris, since 2005, a position made famous by Jeanne Demessieux who occupied it between 1933 and 1962.
Hampus Lindwall has pererformed all around the world and has released albums with Ligia Digital, Clean Feed Records, Firework Editions, Matière-Mémoire and SUPERPANG.
As described by Boomkat, in 2021 Lindwall “drop(d) acid” with a “mind-spanking array of virtuosic acid solos” played on a TB-303 on his recent release, Lost & Found, for the record label Matière-Mémoire